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"Working with Megan has been really important to instilling hope back into my life.  No matter what issue or problem I am dealing with Megan is always confident we will get through it and teaches me how to cope in healthy ways.  I am extremely thankful for not only for the skills-based therapy she provides but her truly genuine and sincere care.” 

“Our daughter started middle school and struggled with the adjustment. She was depressed, she was being bullied, she was struggling with self-esteem all while trying to cope with an understand the natural stresses that come with being 11-23. It was recommended that she try therapy. We found Megan while she was with Brightside Counseling, and I knew after the first session that this persona was just who our daughter needed in her life. Our daughter came out smiling. My daughter said, “Time is up already? That went fast!” I could tell she felt relieved that she could talk to somebody that could understand and help her. Megan does a wonderful job working without daughter and giving her the roils she needs to be more in control of her emotions.
I see a difference in every session.”

Working with Megan has been wonderful in my time with her. She's very warm, sweet and intuitive. She has worked with me primarily from the perspective of an eating disorder. 


One of the hardest things has been navigating the definition of what an eating disorder can be and that sometimes it doesn't fit into the established categories that you might look for. Sometimes it stops looking like an eating disorder. It makes it harder to find and get help when you don't have the proper language to begin.

It's frustrating sometimes trying to explain what it is, even with friends and family willing to help. It's hard to get across that the eating disorder isn't a symptom, it's the answer our minds have resorted to as a way to relieve other pain. It's a method to regain control, and it can become addictive. So to treat it, you have to tackle what's causing the need to resort to that behavior, and that can be a deep dive into parts you didn't know you have. Even in the short time that I've been here, it's been much easier to understand and process.

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